Testimonials for Far Infrared and Tourmaline Products


Olivia Carter (Tourmaline Comforter)

I use Hualin tourmaline comforter for a month. Covered with it I feel warmer and think it is great during the cold season. My shoulder stiffness improved. In the morning I am full of energy and believe that in nearest future the combination of the comforter and tourmaline pillow will make me brand new.


Alexandra Anderson (Tourmaline Pillow)

I became interested in negative ion related products and found the tourmaline pillow of Hualin while searching on the internet and I made up my mind to purchase the tourmaline pillow. On the 3rd day, I realized it was working! I wake up refreshed and feel good even when I sleep an hour shorter than usual because I can sleep deeply and much more comfortably. You can't underestimate the power of negative ions!


Vanessa Murphy (Tourmaline Pillow)

I ordered the Hualin pillow for my father as he could not sleep well. It seems he already has a good sleep because he no longer says "I can’t sleep well." He has a better appetite now than before. I believe this must be thanks to your great product. My mother also uses it and enjoys a sound sleep. We are all happy with it!


Li Yuming (Tourmaline pillow)

I have purchased the Hualin tourmaline pillow few weeks ago. I found out that it helped me to fall asleep faster and in the morning my neck is not stiff. In addition my allergy doesn’t disturb me as much as usual.


Zhou Xiao Bo (Tourmaline Knee protector)

The Hualin Tourmaline Knee Belt is a lifesaver. I've been using the product for several months for my chronic knee condition. It's helped ease my pain and discomfort while giving me increased joint flexibility for my workouts. I highly recommend it!


Ioana Lungu (Knee protector)

I had had knee pain for 2-3 years. I went to an orthopedic clinic. I took medication and applied an ointment as pain killers but the symptoms did not improve at all. It was hard to walk due to the pain. I was about to purchase a knee supporter supplied by another company, but knowing the tourmaline effect on the human body, when I saw this tourmaline protector on Hualin’s site I decided to order it and received a pair. Since then I wear them around the knees 3 hours twice a day. The pain has gradually eased. I hope it will completely go away.


Ana-Maria Cojocaru (Knee Protector)

My knee pain is much better. While playing out with my dog, I had knee pain due to my arthritis but the knee protector gives me the needed support and not only that, the heat penetrates deep into my knee muscles and bones and I feel it working. I’m going to keep wearing it and see how it improves my knee problem.


Ioan Stelescu (Tourmaline Belt)

Just one word regarding the Hualin Tourmaline Belt, genius! Absolute genius! Never have I seen or used a more outstanding aid. Use it one time, and you will have it by your side the rest of your life!


Thomas Wilson (Tourmaline Belt)

The Tourmaline Belt is such a great product. I am a soccer player and was facing a groin injury that was troubling me for about a month. I could barely walk after games because I was in so much pain. I was doing treatments such as ultra-sound, stem and ice, deep muscle stimulation and routine heat packs. My injury was so deep that the treatments were not getting to the actual pain. I was told by doctors that I had the option of getting a shot to help me finish playing without any pain. Instead I used the Tourmaline belt for a week in the affective area twice a day. I no longer have the sharp pain in my groin and rarely do any other treatments. I only use the Tourmaline belt before practices and games to help really warm my muscles!


Kristiyan Petrov (Tourmaline Belt)

I’ve always had problems getting a nice deep sleep at nights. I usually wake up during the night and have hard time getting back to sleep. After using the tourmaline belt under my pillow for about a week, I could certainly feel it’s effects working. I was able to fall asleep much quicker and easier, and didn’t wake up during the night. Now, I can fall asleep within minutes of laying on my mattress, and when I wake up it’s morning!!!


Mariela Savova (Tourmaline Belt)

The back pain is gone! I had constant annoying back discomfort and pain that was driving me crazy. I wore the tourmaline belt for about a month, one to two hours a day and these days the pain in my back is drastically improved and practically gone. The heat feels a little too strong in the beginning but after a few days, you get used to it and now I actually enjoy the hot soothing sensation that deeply penetrates into my back.


Nicolas Taylor (Tourmalie Belt and Knee protector)
I have worked in the earthmoving, mining and construction industry for the past 45 years, and believe me operating heavy machinery has taken its toll on my fitness and general health, not to mention high blood pressure, the onset of arthritis, back and neck pain and being overweight.

In 1978 I sustained a severe back injury when tossed over a fence. I incurred extensive soft tissue damage and over the years the doctors could only prescribe painkillers. I have been unable to sleep on my right side as numbness and pins-and-needles would give me constant pain.

I was first introduced to the tourmaline products in late March 2013. I put the tourmaline knee protector on my aching knee just for 20 minutes I felt heat and comfortable feeling, in about 1 hour, the pain had eased a lot and my knee did not collapse under my weight.

Three days later I started using tourmaline belt.  After two days I asked my wife how long did it take for the products to work? She didn’t know, as she was still learning about these products. She asked why? Well, I said “I hardly notice any pain in my back.”

I have been taking the tourmaline belt and knee protector for 6 weeks and will not be without them ever because of the tremendous relief they have given me. I can now sleep on my right side very comfortably.

To those of you who are operating heavy machinery or driving trucks and can relate to these conditions I have experienced you won’t know what these marvellous Hualin tourmaline products can do for you until you try them.


Ion Stelescu (Tourmaline Wrist Band)

I am a tennis player and I had a problem with my wrist. Since I start using  Hualin tourmaline wrist band it releases all of the tension and pain from overuse of my arms.


Martin Harris (Tourmaline Neck Pad)

I injured my neck in a terrible car accident. After months of physical therapy the neck was still out of alignment and I couldn't regain full range of motion. Then I started wearing the Hualin Tourmaline neck pad every day. Now I have full range of motion, no more pain, and I feel great. It's amazing. My physical therapist said there is not a trace of an injury when he looks at my neck. Thank you Hualin!


Du Dawei (Tourmaline Wrist Band and Neck Pad)

I've been working with computers with over 20 years and have developed a chronic pain in my neck and wrists due to repeated use of keyboard/mouse and tablets... Whenever I feel the shoulder pain I put on the single neck pad and work while wearing it and whenever I feel the wrists pain, I put wrist band on. In a few minutes I can feel the soothing hot sensation deep in my wrist and neck area and I can work without being bothered by pain. I'm going to keep wearing it for a few more weeks to see if it actually makes my pain go away even when I don't wear it. I really hope so!


Zahari Petrov (Ankle protector)

I had pain in my big toe and ankle, so my wife bought for me to try Hualin tourmaline ankle protector. To my surprise it relieved the pain and I started to walk easily, so I decided to use also the other protector of the pair on the other foot.


Ilie Mihailescu (Ankle protector)

I sprained my ankle playing basketball. Even though I received treatment, the swelling and the pain was still bad, so made up my mind to purchase a pair of Hualin tourmaline ankle protector. After wearing it for 3 days, the swelling had visibly subsided and the pain also improved a lot. Now I am wearing the ankle protector 2-3 hours every day and I hope my ankle will be well soon. 


Marius Preda (Eye Pad)

Tourmaline Eye Pad is wonderful! Normally I can't sleep early, and I am tossing in the bed for 1 hour. With the eye mask on I fall asleep and 10 minutes and my eyes easily recover after a long day in front of the computer.

Boyanka Damyanova (Tourmaline Socks)

Luckily I was advised by a friend to try a pair of Hualin tourmaline socks for my cold feet.  After a couple of days I felt energy crawling up my body. There was no need to sleep with socks on as I had done for many years. This made me to order a second pair to wear the tourmaline socks every day. In three weeks the dizziness I suffered for a long time stopped and don’t have blurred vision anymore.


Elena-Gabriela Zamfir (Tourmaline Facial Mask)

At the age of 54 and an ex-smoker I felt it was a high time to do something to help my skin. The problem was that I had never been keen on lying with mask spread on my face with addition of cucumber slices on my eyes. When I heard from a neighbor about the Hualin tourmaline facial mask I was attracted mainly by the possibility to put it on and doing something else at that time, so I am already using it for a month. I can feel the elasticity of my skin improved, my complexion is fresher and the dark shadows under my eyes decreased. I expect other improvements to happen in the future months.


Rumen Georgiev (Tourmaline comb)

For years my scalp is peeling. The dermatologist told me that this is not dandruff and just hypersensitivity and should be careful what shampoo I use. However, often noticed white flakes on my clothes. Furthermore, my hair began to fall, and this led me to take measures against balding. When a friend offered me to try Hualin tourmaline comb I decided it was a good alternative to the miraculous ointments. I use the back of the comb to massage my scalp for 2 months, 4 times a day 7 minutes. Lately I do not see flakes on my jacket, and my hair does not fall so much.


Cecilia Iustina Panduru (Tourmaline comb)

My hair is straight and I am always annoyed by the individual hairs sticking out of my hairstyle. I’ve tried different smoothing products, but without good result. Some of them even made my hair looks greasy and dirty. Hair straighteners affected badly my hair and it became dry and brittle. Since using the Hualin tourmaline comb, my hairstyle is smooth, and the shine of my hair is recovered.


Vera Todorova (Tourmaline underwear)

Hualin tourmaline underwear is soft and comfortable. I use it every day since months and its properties do not change after washing. It makes me feel fresh and menstrual pain almost disappeared. I am going to purchase few more pairs.


Sorin Heljiu (Underwear)

At my age the prostate started giving me signals and my wife purchased for me Hualin tourmaline underwear. To be honest, at first I didn’t believe there could be any tourmaline stone in it, but I could not refuse ”the gift”. To my surprise, there is a result and now I don’t run to the bathroom so often.


Li Xiao Yan (Energy Stone Pendant)

I’ve always had some lack of energy throughout the day...I always thought this was something that I’ll have to live with, but wearing the Energy Stone Pendant, I feel pretty good!  Even my friends tell me that they think I look more dynamic. I sent a piece to my mother and she likes it too! These negative ions thing really works.


Elena Konstantinova (Energy Stone Pendant)

I was skeptical about the Energy Stone Pendant but the wonders it worked for my family made me to change my mind. I work with computers all day and suffer from at least 1-2 headaches a week and maybe one horrible migraine every other week from eye strain. I am wearing this pendant for 3 months, without a single migraine.  At that time I had only one minor headache. I recommend this pendant.


Ben Parker (Energy Stone Pendant)

I am a runner and run 6 miles every day.  With the pendant on I noticed my time is better and I didn’t run out of energy.  I run the three miles back to home just as fast as the first three miles.  Usually there I am much slower.  Having in mind that the way back is slightly uphill I think this is remarkable.


Milka Borisova (Energy Stone Pendant)

Thank you Hualin, for bringing such a wonderful product as Energy Stone Pendant. Wearing it I feel less tired and sleepy, more focused and with better endurance while on job.


Marinela Violeta Lăcraru (Energy Stone Pendant)

I ordered this Energy Stone Pendant in attempt to minimize the environmental chaos we live nowadays. When I put it on I just feel better. I feel serene and well, just more at peace. It may sound strange, but for me it is undeniable.


Lucas Bennett  (Tourmaline water cup)

The acidic wastes, which our bodies constantly produce, are precondition for cancer! This was enough for me to make me order Hualin Tourmaline water cup. It makes the water alkaline and helps me to get rid of the toxins.  The constipation I’ve suffered has practically gone. I feel lighter and fresher!


Petar Dimchev (Tourmaline water cup)

Now I really believe that the water in the bottles is dead. I don’t regret ordering Hualin Tourmaline water cup a year ago. It helped me to lower the cholesterol. Despite the strict diet I was helpless with it before. Apart from this, the cup looks nice and I can use it everywhere, even at work.